Capital Bikeshare #1 – Arlington County

After Arlington County asked Capitol Flexi-Pave to host a Lunch & Learn with county officials to inform them about Flexi-Pave and it’s many uses, county staff realized that traditional areas like the concrete pads under Capital Bikeshare locations didn’t need to be impervious.  So the next two Bikeshare locations scheduled to be installed in Arlington specified Flexi-Pave to be used in lieu of concrete.  Capitol Flexi-Pave coordinated with the Arlington County maintenance staff for division of labor.  The county staff prepped the bases and Capitol Flexi-Pave staff  poured the Flexi-Pave.  These two installations served as test locations to evaluate the product’s durability before the Arlington County began spec’ing Flexi-Pave on a widespread basis throughout the county.
This particular Capital Bikeshare is at N. Veitch St and 20th St N.

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Capital Bikeshare #1 Plans