Often trusted to care for historically significant, one of a kind trees, we can easliy can help manage your trees as well. 



Science & Experience based Tree Care

Our founder holds a degree in Forestry from Texas A&M University.  He is also an ISA Certified Arborist, Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified and an American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) member in good standing.  He is considered an subject matter expert in tree protection, maintenance, establishment, transplanting, non-invasive excavation techniques & tree friendly porous paving.  He regularly teaches seminars to agencies, municipalities and A/E firms.  He personally trains and mentors Capitol’s staff.  And he is recommended by leading landscape architects and municipalities in the national capitol region.


Just a few of our Solutions

Air Spading

Air Spade & Vacuum Excavation is non-invasive, non-mechanical, non-destructive way of safely excavate and exposing buried roots, utilities, etc.  It is also routinely used to safely lower grades and excavate trenches through tree critical root zones so that utility pipes and conduits can be installed underneath tree roots without impacting the tree.

Trenchless Silt Fencing

We developed Trenchless Silt Fence years ago to address the loss of roots along project LOD’s.  This non-invasive silt fence design prevents root loss and saves countless trees on development sites.

Radial Trenching

Radial Trenching is a stress reducing measure used to alleviate compacted, denuded or contaminated soils.  It promotes increased root growth in the newly created channels.



Tree Risk Assessments
Tree Inventories
Expert Witnessing
Compost Teas
Proper tree planting
Large tree transplanting
Spade tree transplanting
Bare root transplanting
Deep root fertilization
IPM insect & disease control
Micro injections
Macro injections
Supersonic Air Tool vertical mulching
Supersonic Air Tool radial trenching
Supersonic Air Tool Root Collar Excavation
Supersonic Air Tool Excavation for Utilities
Supersonic Air Tool Grade lowering
Supersonic Air Tool Directional Root Pinning
Vacuum Excavation Services
Drip irrigation systems
Root Pruning
Root Barriers
Rhizome Barriers


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