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Capitol Solutions Group (CSG) is a multidisciplinary design/build SWaM firm that specializes in green infrastructure and sustainable solutions. CSG has decades experience in tree preservation, arboriculture, large tree moving, specialized landscape construction, architecture, solar and concrete flatwork. Under our various brands, we have worked at some of the most high profile, politically sensitive and historically significant projects in the country including the White House, US Supreme Court, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, Smithsonian Institution sites, and various national memorials. As a result, you’ll know that your projects will be in good hands if you choose us for your project. Learn more about our disciplines below!

Proficiencies and Experience

Flexi-Pave, Porous Flexible Pavement  –  10 years

Pervious Concrete  –  15 years

Tree Preservation & Aboriculture –  26 years

Landscape Construction  –  16 years

Green & Blue Roofs  –  9 years

Playgrounds  –  10 years

Concrete Flatwork  –  25 years

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Our flagship product, Flexi-Pave, is a porous paving solution for trails, sidewalks, tree surrounds, courtyards, playgrounds, public spaces, rooftops and more.  Our various mix desins are know by other names such as bonded aggregate, poured in place rubber, resin bound aggregate, safety surfacing, etc…  Our flexible, porous, non-toxic surfaces made from recycled tires, recycled stone, recycled glass, virgin EPDM and more.  Our pavements eliminate storm water runoff and achieve ADA compliance.  Flexi-Pave and our other products are available in hundres of base colors with thousands of possible color combinations.  Our mix designs come in 4 hardness levels ranging from a hard vehicular versions, to pedestrain versions, to soft safety surface playground versions that meet up to 10 foot critical fall height protection.  With so many options, you can be sure our product will meet your needs.

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Tree Preservation

Our systematic approach to tree preservation starts first with inventorying and assessing each tree on a project. We also work closely with the owner, project architect and landscape architect to determine the project’s specific tree preservation goals. Additionally, during each phase of design from schematic design to design development to construction documents we produce our own tree preservation plans in AutoCAD. We ensure that each impact to the trees and their root zones from the various design components such as cut and fill, underground utilities, and structures, etc are mitigated in our TP Plan by spec’ing our tried and true complement of tree preservation measures.

Next, the trees and all their associated tree preservation measures are put into Tree Protection Action Key matrix. The TPAK matrix is used the assess budgeting for the cost of all the various tree preservation measures to make sure to stay within the owner’s budget. In addition, details and specs are added to the plans and submissions are made. Once our TP Plans are vetted through each phase of design, the end result is a thorough plan that will ensure with a high degree of certainty that the project tree preservation goals are met. Finally, to complement our TP Design services, we also maintain a staff of trained arborists who can implement the TP Plan for the owner or general contractor.

Furthermore, our specially trained staff is accustomed to working on dynamic construction sites while meeting budget goals and timeline milestones. In addition, many of the custom tree preservation measures we employ were developed by us in-house, so our level of competency in performing them is unsurpassed.

          About Tree Preservation Measures

  • Supersonic Air Tool & Vacuum Excavation for non-invasive digging and installation of underground utilities within tree roots zones
  • Root Aeration Matting to allow impervious surfaces over tree root zones
  • Root Protection Matting con construction access, staging and traffic over tree root zones
  • Trenchless Silt Fence to preserve adjacent tree root zones
  • Hand Root Pruning
  • Directional Root Pining
  • Large Tree Moving
  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Tree Protection Fencing

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Specialized Landscape Construction 

After decades of working on diverse construction projects throughout the south and east coast, we have all the skills necessary to carry a project to completion on budget and on time. Our abilities include concrete flatwork, plantings, rain gardens, bioretention ponds, structural soil, pavers, site furnishings, etc.  Our resume includes the White House, the Pentagon, the US Supreme Court, the Smithsonian Institution sites, National Memorials on the mall and Arlington National Cemetery.  While we are equipped and bondable to handle projects up to $3 million dollars, we prefer complex boutique projects where our experience in Tree Preservation and Porous Paving are included in the Landscape Package.

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Green Roofs

The way of the future is green, and one of the most notable avenues for green technology is green roofs.  Our staff has worked on many green roofs on the east coast.  This includes the City Center DC, Wheaton Exchange, Children’s Medical Center and others.  We have strategic partnerships with green roof suppliers and are certified by LiveRoof to install green roofs of any size.

More about Green Roofs

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Blue Roofs

Due to expanding EPA stormwater regulations, green solutions are getting more creative and more accessible.  While green roofs are popular and beneficial, don’t neglect incorporating blue roofs into your project.  Blue roofs incorporate our flagship Flexi-Pave product lines or other water storage devices into roof construction.  The result is a clever green solution using recycled materials and utilizing water conservation techniques.

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Safety Playsurfacing

Capitol installs all types of safety playsurfaces according to project specifications.

Traditionally safety playsurfaces were made of engineered wood fiber.  Then EPDM rubber veneers over shredded tire substrate  emerged and are still widely used.  Drawbacks of these options are the annual need to renew the wood fiber and regular repairs of delaminated EPDM rubber.  

A third approach to safety playsurfaces incorporates our flagship product Flexi-Pave as a full thickness 100% rubber surface.  This option does not crack, separate or delaminate.  It does not require annual refurbishment.  It is self-cleaning and last longer than other safety playsurface options.  With a regular overspray you can enjoy decades of sustained use and protection.  

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Splash Parks

New to the landscape envelope are public splash parks.  They offer a fun, safe and free entertainment for families on hot summer days.  But the risk of slip and fall injuries needs mitigating. Because of the unique characteristics of a splash park, a porous, non-slip surface would be ideal. Enter Flexi-Pave splash park surfacing.  This porous rubber surfacing is non-slip, non-freezing, consequently offering a safer alternative to concrete splash pads.  Many color options are available to complement architectural designs.

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PV Solar

The promise of photovoltaic solar panels on every home is closer than you may think.  Now is the time to harvest the free energy from the sun.  Green roofs, arbors, carports, trellises, and porches are just some of the low hanging fruit in the PV solar world.  While solar can be designed into new developments, they can also be incorporated into existing structures.  This technology will add a green, sustainable LEED component to your project.  Capitol installs many kinds of PV Solar.  

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