It’s time to go solar! Let Capitol Solar help you design and install technology that makes a difference!

Why Solar?

At Capitol Solar, we’re proud to be designers and installers of this practical energy source. Take a look below at some of the reasons we love it!

Environmentally Beneficial

One of the very best reasons for using Solar energy is for its clean energy quality. In contrast to other sources of energy, solar doesn’t produce the types of pollution that affect the world around us. Indeed, solar is important to the future of a clean and healthy earth.

Cost Efficient

Another reason to consider solar energy is for its cost effectiveness. Statistics vary on dollar amounts, but solar energy allows its owners to save money on not only bills, but also in other ways with the right configuration and planning.


With the sun as the source of solar energy, you can be confident in the reliability it offers.



We’ll get you started!

As solar energy becomes more important and more widespread, you’ll need an expert to help you. We aren’t just installers of panels; we can begin the process with you in a concept design phase, exploring exciting ideas like solar shingles or awnings to create a plan that’s unique, creative and environmentally friendly.

Capitol Solutions Group (CSG) is a multidisciplinary design/build SWaM firm that specializes in green sustainable solutions. CSG has over 100 years of combined experience in tree preservation, arboriculture, landscape construction and maintenance, architecture, solar and general construction.