DDOT Tree Surrounds 1

Washington DC is the latest municipality to adopt Flexi-Pave for use as tree surrounds and city sidewalks. Starting in Summer 2013, Capitol Flexi-Pave entered into a 5-year contract with DDOT to replace failing tree surrounds and sidewalks throughout the city. But rather than just replace the tree grates or fill in the 4′x10′ tree pits with Flexi-Pave, UFA & DDOT decided to take it one step further and actually improve the microenvironment for the district trees. This is being accomplished by enlarging the tree boxes to approximately 18′ long and and as wide as the current sidewalk is. After the failing concrete is removed, the soil is aerated with a Supersonic Air Knife and Soil Amendments are added to the soil. Then the flexible porous paving is installed flush with the existing sidewalks and paved up to the tree trunk so the soil will no longer be compacted by heavy pedestrian foot traffic, especially in areas near bus stops. Special installation techniques are used where the Flexi-Pave meets the buttress roots of the trees, so that as the trunks continue to grow in diameter, the Flexi-Pave can self-adjust without girdling the tree.

LOCATION: Columbia Rd NW and 19th St NW
QUANTITY: 5 Tree Surrounds
COLOR: Mossy Slate
SIZE: 880 SF
PLAN: Columbia & 19th_Sheet1