Founders Park Waterfront Trail

In early 2013, Capitol Flexi-Pave installed a Flexi-Pave trail in Founders Park for The City of Alexandria.

“Founders Park is a peaceful riverside park in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. It is near the shops and restaurants of King Street, the Alexandria Marina and the Torpedo Factory. It is a popular urban green space where the public can stroll along the shore, enjoy the beautiful river vistas, walk their dogs, play volleyball, have a picnic, and enjoy the tranquility of this wonderful site. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty of the river. Founders Park was created in 1978 through the efforts of a small group of residents along Queen, Quay, Princess and Union Streets who opposed a plan to build an apartment complex of four 18-story towers at the site. If were not for their strong opposition to the proposed development, Founders Park would not exist today. The City of Alexandria maintains Founders Park as a passive park; private events are not permitted. The Alexandria Waterfront Small Area Plan recognizes the Founders Park’s special role on the waterfront and preserves the current use and character of the park.” You can read more about Founders Park here.

Chosen Flexi-Pave color for the trail was Mossy Slate.

December 2012: Walking Trail Construction Scheduled at Founders Park