Nannie Helen at 4800 Parking Lot, Sidewalks & Playground

An innovative, new, mixed-use 89,000 square-foot site, The Nannie Helen at 4800 features affordable housing for seniors, working families and individuals.  The construction includes 1,790 square feet of retail space, 1,900 square feet for an adult education and fitness center, 3,438 square feet of office space, and 70 affordable housing units, including one, two, and three-bedroom apartments within a five-level, elevator serviced building.  Other building amenities include a shared community room and outdoor playground.

The project also includes 41 residential parking spaces paved with Flexi-Pave.  In addition, Flexi-Pave was used for sidewalks and a playground.  The construction qualifies for LEED certification.  Additionally, the construction created 17 new jobs (permanent and construction) in the District and generates over $370 thousand in tax revenues for the District.

The $19 million new construction development was financed as a public and private collaborative.  The project is a key to the city’s efforts to revitalize the Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings and surrounding historic Deanwood community.  Under the auspices of the New Communities program, A. Wash & Associates has reserved twenty-three of the seventy units for residents currently living in the Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings.

The New Communities Initiative is a comprehensive partnership designed to improve the quality of life for families and individuals living in distressed neighborhoods in the District.  The goal of the initiative is to combat the social challenges that exist in these communities by transforming highly concentrated low-income neighborhoods into healthy mixed-income neighborhoods that protect housing for low-income residents with a one-for-one replacement of existing affordable housing around improved community anchors, such as schools and recreation centers.  Flexi-Pave colors chosen for this project were Peppermill and Evergreen.

Nannie Helen Sidewalks Plan
Nannie Helen Porous Parking Stalls Plan
Nannie Helen Playground Plan