Potomac Place Shopping Center Tree Surrounds – Phase 1

Zuckerman Gravely Management Inc. manages many numerous properties around the National Capital Region and one of their recurring challenges has been failing tree surrounds.  Whether they consist of bare soil, granite cobblestone, bricks, metal grates, overgrown grass or rubber panels, they all fail eventually and become tripping hazards for pedestrians.  Zuckerman must ensure that their properties are ADA compliant and thereby eliminate these trip/fall hazards.  Once Zuckerman execs realized the benefits of Flexi-Pave, they began replacing failing tree surrounds on their properties with this poured-in-place rubber & stone mixture that remains a porous, non-slip, non-cracking and ADA compliant surface.

Phase 1 of the work at the Potomac Place Shopping Center was to replace the tree surrounds in the courtyard where a Starbucks and several restaurants have outdoor seating under the shade trees.  The installation took 1 day and comments from the affected business and patrons have been overwhelming positive.  In addition, the seating area which was limited before due to the soil mounded around the trees has now been increased as chairs and tables can be positioned directly on top of the tree surrounds without compacting the soil or harming the trees.