Thomas Johnson Elementary School – Baltimore, MD

In late September 2015, a 1,521 SF Flexi-Pave play surface was installed at Thomas Johnson Elementary School. Client has chosen Olive Fog for the Flexi-Pave color. Capitol Flexi-Pave collaborated alongside a local artist for the painting of the school letters and the school mascot on top of the Flexi-Pave play surface.

Summary and Background: “On behalf of the Baltimore City Public Schools system, the Parks & People Foundation is seeking…to install a pervious play surface in a courtyard being rehabilitated at the Thomas Johnson Elementary School, at 100 E. Heath St, in Baltimore, MD 21230-4936. Please note that this school is part of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Baltimore Elementary and Middle School Library Project, ‘a multi-year, collaborative effort to design, build, equip, and staff new or renovated elementary/ middle school libraries in high-poverty neighborhoods where many students face academic challenges’ (see Weinberg Library Project). The Parks & People Foundation is partnering with this effort to provide outdoor reading spaces. This project is part of a facility upgrade to the Thomas Johnson Elementary School exterior to improve stormwater management characteristics, decrease impervious surface area, and create exterior classroom areas.”