Residential Driveway Diffusion Strip

When a Montgomery County, MD Erosion and Sediment Control inspector bought his home in Damascus, the first rain event brought an unexpected surprise. The driveway sloped down to the garage and during rain events, the sheet flow of water flowed right into the garage, flooding it. It was clear that the driveway had not been well thought out. And ironically, after citing contractors over the years for not controlling their own stormwater runoff, he had his own runoff problem to deal with. In his search for a solution, he found out about Flexi-pave’s unique properties as a heavy duty paving material that was porous to the rate of over 2500 gallons per square foot per hour. And after considering the many options, he decided that a Flexi-pave diffusion strip was the most cost effective solution for his problem. So a strip of driveway was saw-cut and removed and replaced by Flexi-pave leading to a drain line. The first rain event after the installation was proof that the system worked. He has had no additional flooding since the installation.