Residential Driveway in Arlington with WarmZone

This site had four specific challenges. First was the need for a new driveway to complement his new mother-in-law suite house addition. Second was a pervious surface for the driveway which would eliminate $15,000 of stormwater management structures and mitigation fees that Arlington County was requiring if a standard asphalt driveway was installed. Third, the last 40 feet of this driveway was unusually steep and more than once, the homeowner’s car had slid down the drive into the busy adjacent feeder road to I-66. And fourth, there were several mature trees adjacent to the proposed driveway that could not be harmed. After the owner and his Architect carefully considered all the options, there was only one solution that solved all the unique challenges of this site: A Flexi-Pave driveway was installed with the WarmZone radiant heating coils underneath. Arlington County was satisfied with the driveway’s permeability and did not require any stormwater mitigation. The Project Forester approved the Flexi-Pave due to it’s ability to not impede water or air flow to the tree roots, thereby eliminating any impacts to tree health. The tactile surface of the driveway increased traction for car tires on the slope and when coupled with the radiant heating which eliminated the need to shovel snow or add de-icing materials the finished product met all the project requirements.

Residential Driveway Plans