Residential Driveway & Patio – Annapolis, MD

Nestled in an exclusive Annapolis neighborhood on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, this homeowner had all options at his disposal when designing his home and landscape. For decking he chose Ipe wood, for a dining room table, one solid 25 foot slab of rare wood, and when choosing his driveway material, he wanted an environmentally friendly, long lasting and attractive product. In addition, the city Arborist required a Tree Preservation Plan and would not allow concrete, asphalt or other impervious surfaces to be installed that would suffocate and cause decline to the large trees adjacent to the driveway. After consulting with Tree Preservation experts, a solution was found in Flexi-Pave. Since air and water flow through the surface, and since Flexi-Pave is a “cold pour”, the trees would not be harmed whatsoever by the driveway being installed on top of their roots. This solution satisfied the city environmentalists. After choosing one of 28 available colors, the homeowner commissioned Capitol Flexi-Pave to install the drive. During the multi-day installation, he was so thrilled with the product he asked that his walkout mud-room also be paved in the all-rubber P2000 version of Flexi-Pave. This room was the changing room/shower room for guests entering & exiting the house on the way to the pool. So as wet swimmers shower and change, the water drains directly through the Flexi-Pave floor and into hidden drains so the surface remains dry, non-slip and cushiony.

Residential Driveway Plan