St. Stephens & St. Agnes Baseball Field Improvements

It’s time to re-think traditional paving. Concrete and asphalt have their place as main roads and bridges, but other paving situations can easily be made green by substituting porous paving instead. Not only do the agencies see Flexi-Pave as invisible due to it’s 2500 gallons per hour infiltration rate, but it cleans the stormwater too and sequesters used passenger tires into a second life surface rather than being burned as tire-derived-fuel in cement kilns.

So when a private high school in Alexandria wanted to renovate their baseball and softball fields, they incorporated Flexi-Pave as part of their plan. There was no need for the walking surfaces to be impervious. The areas around the dugouts and bleachers were specified to be Flexi-Pave. This solved several problems. It provided an ADA complient, dry, non-slip surface for the parents and teachers to traverse. It also allowed the sites hydrology to go unchanged as far as the paving footprint was concerned. And for an upscale school like this, it was fitting to have a custom paving surface that complimented the rest of the campus.

To view the plans for this project click on the following: St. Stephens & St. Agnes Ballfield Plans