Wakefield Skate Park Medians

When this skatepark plans were in Design Development phase the “off-limits” areas of the park were spec’d as planting beds with shrubs and mulch. But as the plans were finalized during the Construction Documents phase, it became evident that the beds would become a receptacle for trash and the mulch would most surely be spread throughout the skatepark. Another solution was needed, one that permitted stormwater infiltration but was low maintenance and durable. Flexi-pave was chosen to be used in these areas instead. Since installation, one side of the park has performed well, but the other side with it’s adjacent skateboard ramps proved to be a challenge. The evening of the pour while the material was still curing, skaters climbed over the barricades and skated on top of the wet surface causing damage. Since then, additional damage has been done from the extreme jumps and tricks being performed by the skaters. After an investigation, we determined that the skateboard wheels, when landing on the paving with a rider after a jump, were exceeding the approved PSI limits for Flexi-Pave. Lesson learned, installations adjacent to jumps is not recommended.

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